"Simon's art and heart, both are beautiful” - Ayesha Awan

"I love it! It's freaking awesome!” - Lacey Landecho, collector.

"When you leave your home the artwork will scream at you and say: smile, have fun and be the best, the only thing you can be" - Roni Duicu

"Color, color, color! Simon knows color and how to use it. I enjoy my three Simon paintings - smiling every time I look at them. They bring joy to my home!" - Susie Sakakihara Collector

"It's the way Simon paints so deep, so bright, that breaks through the skies and makes us so happy, so fulfilled. Makes us hungry for more X.” - Mark Gask

"Simon Bull's artwork brightens our home, adds depth, inspires, starts conversations, improves our quality of life!” - John Ehab

"Simon Bull’s paintings are color fantastic!” - Dan Waksman

"Simon Bull opens our eyes to see what others don't see." - Leaona King, collector

"Simon’s art is a lovely reflection of God’s creation. It is full of heart - in some of the flower pics they seem almost super-real - yet they are never disconnected from the truth we see in front of us in nature." - Symon Grant Brown, art critic and connoisseur